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Summer Home Décor – Make Your Home Summer Cool

What makes a house into a home? Home décor of course! Adding a personalized touch to your home is the perfect way to reflect on your personality. Personally, in India, home décor as a lifestyle living is slowly catching up in urban spaces. The growth of the home décor e-commerce business and standalone outlets is a testament to this fact. You know it’s summer when – the plant’s brim with colorful flowers, the butterflies hover around, and the children run around with glee. India is blessed to experience all seasons, thanks to its tropical location. As the summer approaches, you would surely want to jazz up your house and add the cool and breezy element to your abode. We will help you figure out your home décor, which will be fun to experiment with and be cost-effective. So fasten your creative belts as we are going to explore the creative jungle!
How to make your home summer cool?

Keep it Light and White

Your primary aim would be to invite natural vitamin D into your abode as much as possible. However, there is a tricky precaution you’ll be treading on simultaneously – you have to keep it breezy and cool at the same time. Paint the walls with whites and shades akin to it. This will reflect the sunlight and produce a mirage of a room flooded with natural light. A dash of white paint can successfully convert your house into a contemporary-styled theme. Be informed about your color choice since this will set the mood up for the rest of the months. In order to maintain the coolness (excuse us for the pun intended here!), have light fabrics in terms of curtains. This will protect your chances of getting direct exposure to the sunlight.

Adorn your turf with citrus

A unique decorative you can add to your home décor is citrus. Intrigued? Let us simplify it for you – citrus is A-OK to give you the perfect summery feeling as they are a plus one to the bright and decorative factors. The fragrance citruses spread is fascinating, and it always pops up the mood due to its freshness. These ornamental home fusions can zest up the surroundings in an incredible way. Make use of oranges and kinu. This will give you the vibes of a holiday home decor going all au naturel. This step is so simple that all you go to do is buy a kilo of citruses and place it on the kitchen cabinet or on the console table. Voila! Ever imagined that this transformational home décor element would be so easy?

Frame it up

One of the most straightforward elements you can add to your home décor item list is frames. Wall décor is one of the effortless ways you can decorate your house. Embellishing your walls with wall mirrors or personal photographs with bright or rustic photo frames is the right way to go about it. Or, all you have to add to your wall décor is a map to showcase your wanderlust or your favorite summer vacation spot. Hard to believe? Give it a try, and you’ll be taken aback by the beauty that lies in its simplicity. Are you still trying to figure wall décor ideas to strike your fancy? Do not worry; we have a catalog of wall décor ideas decked up for you –
  • Convert your wall into a rustic storage purpose for bowls or baskets
  • Hang weaving fabric cloths such as a Banarasi silk or Mirzapur’s rug, which is made of camel wool
  • Deformalize your living room by adopting large DIY wall décor art, which is made of recyclable products
  • Amp up your wall décor with the classic large abstract paintings that are catchy and transcend your guests into a different world of decipherment
  • Create a gallery space on one of the walls of your living room. Make sure that you stick to one particular theme

Plants, Plants, Plants

Before you decide to bring plants to your home, allow us to mention some of its benefits.
  • They act as air purifiers
  • Depending on the type – they can cater to different purposes, such as serving as a mosquito repellant agent or proving useful for medicinal purposes
  • They add moisture to the air surroundings of your house and thus help in lowering the house temperature
  • They are the most convenient ways of decorating your house in an environment-friendly manner
Adopting this tropical theme for summer home decor is not only maintenance-free but is also cost-effective. You get to choose from a range of indoor plants such as – Aloe vera, money plant, lucky bamboo, snake plant, cacti, indoor ficus, and many others. These will also help you relieve yourself from a stressful day of work, as they act as mood boosters according to numerous scientific studies. Another element of home décor you can complement your tropical theme is with aesthetically pleasing containers for your plants. You get to choose from a wide variety of pots available in the market, such as – clay, ceramic, bamboo, hanging pots, jute bags, vase, or a mounted baskets. So get into the mainstream and go green.

Focus on the Small Details

Sometimes focusing on the small detailing of home décor can go a long way to retain the summery feeling to your house. There are a wide variety of options when you want to go the small way.
  1. Pillows – a handful of colorful pillow covers to jazz up your home décor like never before. If you do nothing but literally throw a set of small pillows with bright colors, trust us, your home is set.
  2. Candles – if you want some European classiness incorporated into your home décor, candles are the answer to your quest. You can also opt for scented candles, which spread their fragrance around to lighten up your mood.
  3. Wooden artifacts – rather than picking on the usual artifacts found in every house, choosing showpieces that are made of wooden will add to the rusty cool décor. Try out Karnataka’s famous Channapatna toys to bring in the authentic look to your home décor.
Home is where the heart is. Making your space friendly and pleasing to the eyes is crucial, especially if you spend most of your time at home (work from home). A home décor project is also a fun indulgence to get into as you get to explore your creative side. It also helps you to bond with your family members and gets the children bubbling with excitement. What we would like you to consider as you indulge in your home décor is – using environmentally friendly products which promote the rural economy. Why not adopt styles which promote the Indian rural economies’ handicrafts and art movements? Think about it as we leave you with this food for thought.

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